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Cine Inter Feminisms Cycle

September 27, 2013
Hotel du Rayon Vert
Cerbère (Catalogne)


Io Casino

Julia Dallmer Berlin

David Miras Barcelona

El Ùltimo Verano of the Boyita
 Julia Solomonoff Argentina

            Playing a Part: The Story of Claude Cahun
Lizzie Thynne U.K.

Grant Lahood New Zealand

Post Op Barcelona

To have

Boys Don't Cry
Kimberly Peirce  Pennsylvania

Seraphine of Senlis
 Martin Provost France

Louise Michel
  Gustave Kervern and Benoît Delépine France

Tom Boy
Céline Sciamma France

The Order of Words
Cynthia and Mélissa Arra France

Tod Browning California

Lucía Puenzo Argentina

El Niño Pez
Lucía Puenzo Argentina

Ingmar Bergman Sweden

Mafu Cage
Karen Arthur Nebraska

A Song of Love
Jean Genet France

Dorian Gray
Oliver Parker U.K.

Pier Paolo Pasolini Italy

Jean-Michel Basquiat
SoHo N.Y.


Bruix.Ass Cerbère
ArtIVista Barcelona
Post Op Barcelona
Cerbère City
Belvedere Hotel
Douarnenez Festival
Mama Cash Amsterdam
Miras Barcelona Foundation
Collectif Anonyme Banyuls
International Intersex Organization

 "It is a much more difficult task to honor the memory of anonymous people than those of famous people.

The historical construction is dedicated to the memory of anonymous people. Walter Benjamin

Special dedication to Natasha Divina and Patricia Héras.

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