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Acoustic Ecology                                                                                                                    SoundScape


Initial training in biology, the proximity of the sea between Marseille and Barcelona will draw my attention to the relationship between sound and water, guide my research on Acoustic Ecology, SoundScape and work on the Music of Particles of independent researcher Joël Sternheimer.
"You have to be able to recognize the subject in bacteria if you want to dialogue with them, tame them and no longer have this panicky behavior that will give rise to an aggressive attitude." Joel Sternheimer.
Seminars with Jorge Gómez and Amarilys Quintero Ruiz fromArs Sonorusin Bogota,Michael Chionin Paris,Luc Ferrariin Marseilles,GMEAfrom Albi,Andrey Smirnovin Barcelona and the listening sessions under the Analog Electronic Ear of the ProfessorAlfred Tomatiswill considerably develop my auditory and synesthetic perception.
Since 2019 my projects have been carried out aroundHors-Frontière Sound Encounters at the Cerbère Belvedere.
Musical research on the properties of sound objects have in common the desire to bring the listener to a reduced/active listening position with the intention of hearing. It is a question of playing with the psycho-acoustic effect by proceeding, like the Achemist, to the transmutation of matter/wave carefully woven with a red thread. Textures diluted in a game of opacity and transparencyeon which are projected the  multi-faceted chimeras that disturb the conditioning of our perception and get us out of a consumerist static state.

Open the horizon to wider fields of perception

where the silence leaves time for the echo.

The methodologies of Acoustic Ecology lead the observation of social mutations due to the change of our sound environment by seeking harmony to live together. A strange term to hear when dealing with noise. The indigenous tribes by transmitting their knowledge orally, conceive sound as a vital source for millennia.
The observation of organisms under the microscope remains the same approach with the microphone which stimulates  l´Unheard.  The proximity of the sea reveals the graphic representation of the propagation of sound on an oceanic scale to understand how the codification of the auditory system has evolved according to the sound environment, intimately linked to mobility, balance and this 24/7 tirelessly even during sleep. 
In 2007, I moved to Cerbère, a cross-border rural area, post-industrial transit zone, with the desire to develop and promote sound creation and open the stage at the Belvédère de Cerbère since 2013. A strategic geopolitical point in the history of feminism in 1906 for a reflection of the international movement.

Migration I Mutation I Mutilation


Crossing gender

Sound Meetings I Outside the Border

SoundScape, I Acousmatics I Radiophonic Art I Electronic Violin MakingI Improvisation


1984 - 2022

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 June 24-25, 2022 -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Pedro Ferrandiz from Genodics.

            September 25-26, 2021 in tribute to Lisa Fittko for an interpretation of the works of Hildegard

Westerkamp and Pauline Oliveros with Bérangère Maximin, io casino, Johanne del Silentio, Teslafm, Maria Khan, and Omkara.


          March 2020 SoundScape&Waves

          September 26-28, 2019 with Jean Loup Dierstein and Cécile Lartigau
  • FemArt     Niki de saint phalle; an architect´s dream

         March 8,2020

          September 27-28, 2013 Tranz-It Ciné Cycle InterFeminisms in tribute to Claude Cahun

  • Memoria Col.lectiva

           September 25-26, 2010 with David Miràs in tribute to the Philosopher Walter Benjamin

With the support of the MamaCash Foundation of Rotterdam, Occitanie Region and the French Institute, DRAC Occitanie, Department of Pyrenees Orientales and the Generalitat de Catalunya.

I especially thank P.Hillippe Beaudoin, Production Manager, Documentarist at Radio France, author of the book "Au microphone: Dr. Walter Benjamin, Walter Benjamin et la création radiophonique 1929-1933" (MSH, Prix Inathèque 2009) and who edited the publication of the collection Écrits radiophoniques _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_by W. Benjamin (Allia, March 2014). A study devoted to radiophonic creation since the initiative of the Horspieles by Walter Benjamin broadcast on Radio Franckfort and Radio Berlin during the Weirmar Republic.

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