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Series of portraits built on fragments of radio waves, i.son.
"The work has always been reproducible, the novelty being that the ancient reproduction of men's hands gave way to technical and technological reproduction.This new situation considerably modifies what a work of art is, by denying it its authenticity, its authority.Technical reproduction depreciates the hic et nunc of the work, it makes the aura wither away, it replaces its spatio-temporal unicity by a serial update.There is a history of art: the This work, first marked by ritual or ritual value, by the aura, decays with technical reproducibility, then, with art-for-art, is born a private work of cultural value. Previously defined by its uniqueness, the artwork becomes designed to be reproduced. The ritual value gives way to a political practice. "

On the decline of l'aura at the time of the mechanical reproductivity. Walter Benjamin

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Cut-up on the voice of Jeanne Moreau in an interview, in the cinema, in singing brings us back to the moments that marked her relationship with Marguerite Duras.

Jeanne Moreau is an actress , singer and filmmaker French , born 23 January 1928 in Paris where she died July 31, 20 17 . Jeanne Moreau has acted in more than 130 films under the direction of Luis Buñuel , Theo Angelopoulos , Wim Wenders , Rainer Werner Fassbinder , Michelangelo Antonioni , Joseph Losey , Orson Welles , François Truffaut , Louis Malle , André Téchiné , Bertrand Blier .



Françoise SAGAN

Hello sadness.

"In fact, I was really surprised by the scandal that led to this book. For three quarters of people, the scandal of this novel was that a young girl could sleep with a man without getting pregnant and without having to To me, the scandal of this story was that a character could drive through selfishness, someone to kill himself. "

"To this unknown feeling, whose boredom and sweetness obsess me, I hesitate to add the name, the beautiful, serious name of sadness."


Françoise Sagan, whose real name Françoise Quoirez, is a French novelist born on June 21, 1935 in Cajarc in the Lot and died on September 24, 2004 in Honfleur in Calvados. In 1960, during the Algerian war, Sagan signed the Manifesto 121 and the Declaration on Rights to rebellion in the Algerian war, which approved the insubordination of conscripts in Algeria. In May 1968, Sagan arrived at the center of a student rally at the Théâtre de l'Odéon, where he was asked: "Did Comrade Sagan come to his Ferrari to encourage the revolution?" False "" she replies. "She's a Maserati!". In 1971, Sagan signed the Manifesto 343, better known as the "Manifesto of 343 sluts".

Antonin ARTAUD

alienation and black magic

The insane asylums are receptacles of black magic, conscious and premeditated,
and it's not just that doctors promote magic through their
untimely and hybrid therapies,
is that they make it.
If there had been no doctors
there would never have been sick,
no dead skeletons
sick to cut and skin,
for it was by the doctors, not the sick, that society began.
Those who live, live from the dead.
And death must also live:
There is nothing like a lunatic asylum to gently brood over death, and hold on
as an incubator for the dead.
It started 4000 years BC, this therapeutic technique of slow death.
and modern medicine, accomplice in this of the most sinister and villainous magic,
pass these deaths to electroshock or insulin therapy, so that every day
emptying his stud farms of their selves,
and present them empty,
so fantastically
available and empty,
to obscene anatomical and atomic stresses
from the state called Bardo. delivery of the barda to live to the demands of the no-self.



The Bardo is the dread of death in which the ego puddles,
through which all traumatized passes and which gives him, no longer at this moment to know, but frightfully and desperately to misunderstand what he was, when he was himself, what, him, me, king, you, damn it AND THAT.
I went there and will not forget it.
The magic of the electric shock drains a rattle, it immerses the concussed in this rattle by which one leaves life (….).
Medicine is bribed every time it presents a patient healed by the electrical introspections of its method.
I have seen, myself, only terrorized method unable to find their self.
Who has gone through the electroshock of the "bardo" and the "bardo" of the electroshock never rises again from its darkness and life has gone down a notch.
Now, I repeat, the bardo is death and death is only a state of magic
black that did not exist not so long ago.
Thus artificially create death as medicine presents it undertakes
it is to promote a reflux of nothingness which has never benefited anyone,
but of which certain predestined profiteers of man feed themselves
since a long time .
In fact for some time.
Which ?
The one where you had to choose between giving up being a man or becoming an insane
obvious .
But what guarantee do the obvious lunatics of this world have from being cared for by the authentic living?
your azor
tau ela
- END ---
A blank page to separate the text of the book which is finished from all the swarming of the Bardo which appears in the limbo of the electric shock.
And in these limbo a special typography, which is there to abject God, to put aside the verbal words to which a special value wanted to be attributed.

Antonin Artaud, January 2, 1948

Antonin Artaud, born in Marseille on September 4, 1896 and died in Ivry-sur-Seine on March 4, 1948, is a French theorist, actor, writer, essayist, designer and poet. Poetry, staging, drugs, pilgrimages, drawing and radio, each of these activities being a tool in their hands, "a means of accessing part of reality on the run".

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Antonin Artaud
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