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PortBou Cervera 

Tribute to Luigi Russolo

"Where are the limits between the foolishness of reasonable people and the wisdom of crazy people?"

In an enclave between the rust-colored cliffs of the Pyrenees Orientales and the Mediterranean Sea lies a village crossed by the voices of the railway and Tramontane Cerbère. Cervera deer territory, chimera with three heads, refuge of pirates, remains of vestiges of the era of iron, symbol of feminist revolution, clandestine passage, border of Catalunya torn since the Treaty of the Pyrenees and 40 years of dictatorship.

To live in Cerbère in the immersion of sounds endowed with an archetypal and symbolic value is to place oneself as an interface between contemporary artists on each side of this necessarily imaginary line that is a border.

The personal boundary delimits the needs between what one knows how to do and what one can not do in order not to disturb the limits that each one needs to be realized. The role of emptiness, as we perceive it, makes it possible to draw the lines, the outline of the bodies, to recognize who we are and what does not belong to us. Access to individuality without identifying with it. Make doors and masks to keep your secret garden.

























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