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Sound Station EKo.Log


Tribute to Niki de Saint Phalle and Jean Tinguely



The emergence of an outgrowth of the earth appears in the continuity of the ground to merge with the landscape.

In the background, a dome may be the carcass of a space nacelle out of 20,000 leagues under the sea where the hull of a giant tortoise nevertheless seems to come out of the ground. Despite the disorder of the vegetation, the body of the device, dotted with electronic elements and colored translucent stains, suggests the existence of an ancestral technological era. Puzzled by the strangeness of the object which it is difficult to assess if a historical reality or fragments of a fiction become reality, a path invites to approach.


Rolling on your chair or leaning forward, you enter the cabin whose light the proximity of the wind in the leaves the song of the birds gives the feeling of going out on an open space a corner of the enchanting forest to come and disturb the Mind acoustic and balance marks. The rays of the sun through the glass dome are reflected in the mirrors all around to illuminate in color. The basin-shaped floor with irregular edges invites us to lie down in the pilot's chair. On a small dashboard with convex shapes, take-off indications are engraved in Braille. Little by little, the sounds of the forest gradually fade to make way for strange landscapes.

Plan de Construction

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