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Antonin Artaud by Man Ray
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Antonin Artaud was born in Marseille on September 4, 1896 and died in Ivry-sur-Seine on March 4, 1948 He is a French theorist of the theater (The Theater of Cruelty, The Theater and his Double) actor, writer, essayist, draftsman and Poet. Poetry, staging, drugs, pilgrimages, drawing and radio were "a way to touch a little to the reality that flees".

"Crazy Asylums are receptacles of black magic, conscious and premeditated, and it is not only that doctors prefer magic through their treatments that they refine, they do it. There was no doctor, there would be no patients, not by the sick, that society started, those who live, live dead, and it is also necessary that death be alive ... There is nothing like a insane asylum to gently cover death, and to keep the dead in an incubator.This began 4000 years BC, this therapeutic technique of the modern long death, accomplice of the most sinister and most villainous magic, passes these died in electroshock or insulin therapy, in order to be able to empty these male males daily, and to present them, thus empty, thus fantastically available and empty, to the obscure anatomical and atomic stresses of the state called "bardo". ": delivery of the bard of life to the demands of the non-self. The Bardo is the star of death by which the self falls in a flaccid state, and there is, in the electroshock, a flaccid state, through which all traumatized passes. What gives him no longer at this moment to know, but frightfully and desperately to misunderstand what he was when he was himself.

I went there and will not forget it ... "

Audio document recorded in 1946 by Antonin Artaud, for the radio after his exit from the asylum of Rodez where he undergoes 51 electroshocks dispensed by Gaston Ferdière, head doctor of the psychiatric department of the asylum of Rodez where was interned Artaud from 1943 to 1946.

"If our life lacks constant magic, it is because we choose to observe our actions and lose ourselves. taking into account their imagined shape and meaning, instead of being pushed by their strength. "Antonin Artaud, The theater and its double, 1938.

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